2014 Yamaha Fazer 8 Review

1482891 1105511 2078591 2014 Yamaha Fazer 8 Review


2014 Yamaha Fazer 8 is made for riders who appreciate an optimum mix of energy, weight, and size and in fact comfort as well. The 779cc engine provides a lots of mid-range torque whilst the actual light-weight chassis and adjustable suspension give excellent cornering performance. The actual Fazer 8 is really a mid category sport bike which excels in delivering enjoyable and comfort every and each time you swing a leg during the chair.

2014 Yamaha Fazer 8 used engine 779cc, DOHC, 16 valve (4-valves/cyl), liquid-cooled, 40 somewhat inclined, inline-four cylinder engine. The actual engine is tuned to supply lots of low to mid vary torque along with powerful yet linear throttle response. Redline is placed in 11, 500 rpm and attributes a ” soft ” rev limiter to guard the actual engine.

2014 Yamaha Fazer 8 is Gravity forged, light-weight aluminum twin spar body gives an optimized rigidity balance for incredible sports activities performance mixed along with nice stability. The actual engine is really a stressed participant in the actual chassis, allowing a lighter primary body design while not sacrificing stability or handling. The actual body is identical spec and form like the FZ1.

2014 Yamaha Fazer 8 gives foundation price MSRP $ 7, 990.

1482891 1105511 2078591 2014 Yamaha Fazer 8 Review


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